Indy Euphoria

Saturday & Sunday January 9 - 10, 2010 at Sacramento's Scottish Rite Center


Hot Zombie Chicks Love BrAiNs Tour

Four artists/comic book creators went on an ambitious tour across the west coast in search of fellow comicbook & horror fanatics. This six month tour stretched across Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Portland, San Jose, San Diego, Chico, Berkeley, Santa Clara, Burbank and Sacramento. Come hear about their experiences on the road with broken down cars, filming a documentary, meeting people, wrecking a hotel, traveling in a hearse, witnessing UFO sightings, hanging with dinosaurs, convention/store signing disasters, finding love and losing love. Come meet Mike Hampton (Hot Zombie Chicks), Paul Allen (BrAiNs), Anthony Leano (BrAiNs) and Emonic (Replicant).


How to Silkscreen Your Own T-Shirts

Come silkscreen an Indy Euphoria t-shirt. Limited amount of free t-shirts on hand. Attendees are welcome to bring their own shirts to silkscreen.

Vinyl Toy Workshop

Learn techniques on how to paint & customize your own vinyl toys.

Design & Create Your Own Mini Comics or Zines

Watch first hand how to create a mini comic or zine on your own.

Themed Custom Vinyl Toy Gallery Show

Indy Euphoria will be picking a theme for several artists across America to design a selected vinyl toy. Each piece will be on display for purchase.



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