Indy Euphoria

Saturday & Sunday January 9 - 10, 2010 at Sacramento's Scottish Rite Center


Watch documentaries about artists, vinyl toys, DIY (Do It Yourself) Culture and movie adaptations of some of your favorite Indy Comix!

Viewing Room Rules:

1: Please turn off cell phones or put them on vibrate. If you need to use your phone, please take your call outside and away from the viewing room.

2: No recording devices (digital/analog cameras, cell phones etc) in the viewing room. That will get your badge taken away quick and banned from the viewing room/convention.

3: Don't drop food or drinks on the floor - IE NO LITTERING. (There will be garbage cans inside the room for use)

4: Silence please in the viewing room - ie: loud conversations/distractions, annoying people around you.
5: Please do not touch the viewing room equipment - there will be a staff member in the room in case something happens.

6: Enjoy yourself and have fun, we try to work hard to bring you the best convention experience!




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