Indy Euphoria

Saturday & Sunday January 9 - 10, 2010 at Sacramento's Scottish Rite Center


Tom Neely

A painter and cartoonist whose debut comic book graphic novel, The Blot, earned him an Ignatz Award for “Promising New Talent,” and made it onto several of the industry’s “Best of 2007” lists. His art has been featured in galleries from Portland to San Francisco and Los Angeles, in dozens of magazines and literary journals and on album covers such as The Groovie Ghoulies album 99 Lives. His comic works also include: Your Disease Spread Quick (A comic book inspired by the music of The Melvins), Brilliantly Ham-fisted (A collection of 23 comic strip poems), Krayon's Ego (a Kramer's Ergot parody), Only The Lonely (anthology), SPX 2003 (anthology) and Classics Illustrated: O.Henry ("A Strange Story"). Tom is currently living in Los Angeles.

Jim Woodring

Seattle-based comic book author and artist who also produces fine art works in a variety of media including painting, charcoal and designer toys. Woodring has released comic works such as The Portable Frank, The Museum Of Love And Mystery, Seeing Thinks, The Lute String, The Frank Book, Pupshaw & Pushpaw, Trospher, The Book Of Jim, and Tantalizing Stories. He's worked as a freelance illustrator and comics writer, writing comics based on Aliens and Star Wars for Dark Horse Comics and adapting the cult classic film Freaks. In recent years Woodring has also become a popular toy designer, with his strange creations sold in vending machines in Japan and available at vinyl toy stores and hip comics shops across the world. Vinyl toys he has released: Frank, Pupshaw & Pushpaw, Mr. Bumper, Dorbel, Lorbo and Imperial Newts. Woodring won the prestigious Inkpot Award in 2008.

Jeffrey Brown

Brown's most popular works include Clumsy (the story of a long-distance relationship), Unlikely, AEIOU, and Every Girl is the End of the World For Me, comprising his "Girlfriend Trilogy" and its epilogue. More recently his autobiographical work has included Feeble Attempts, Little Things and the memoir Funny Misshapen Body. His humorous works include Bighead (a super-hero parody), I Am Going To Be Small, Cat Getting Out Of A Bag, Be A Man and The Incredible Change-Bots (a Transformers parody). He is currently working on his comic series "Sulk." Jeffrey won an Ignatz Award in 2003 in the category of Outstanding Mini-Comic, for I Am Going To Be Small. He also directed the animated music video for Death Cab for Cutie's "Your Heart is an Empty Room" and has a documentary about him called Drawing Between The Lines, soon to be on dvd.

Nate Powell

Graphic novelist, artist, publisher, and musician. His 2008 graphic novel Swallow Me Whole won the Ignatz Award for Outstanding Debut, as well as the 2009 Ignatz Award for Outstanding Artist. On March 2, 2009, it was named a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize in the Young Adult Fiction category. It received the 2009 Eisner Award for Best Original Graphic Novel, and was also nominated for Best Writer/Artist and Best Lettering. His past comic works also include Please Release, Sounds Of Your Name, and Cakewalk/Bets Are Off. Powell is currently drawing Any Empire (forthcoming on Top Shelf Productions) and drawing the graphic novel The Silence Of Our Friends (forthcoming on First Second Books), written by Mark Long and Jim Demonakos, both due out in 2011.

He also owns DIY punk record label Harlan Records, has performed in several punk bands (including Universe, Divorce Chord, WAIT, Soophie Nun Squad, Boomfancy, and Gioteens), and occasionally performed hip hop as Featherweight MC. From 1997 to 2002 he was an actor and skit writer for North Little Rock sketch comedy show Fun And Games. Powell currently lives in Bloomington, IN. From 1999 to 2009, he worked as a caregiver for adults with developmental disabilities.

Mark Bode - Sat Only

Son of the legendary cartoonist Vaughn Bode, Mark Bode is best known or his work on the comic book COBALT 60 and as the creator of the hit comic Miami Mice. His first professional job was for Heavy Metal Magazine when he was asked to color his father's strip Zooks, the First Lizard in Orbit when he was fifteen. His publications also include GYRO COMICS, TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, GWAR comics and LIZARD of OZ. Mark has exhibited his artwork in art shows around the world. He has worked on designing clothing lines for companies such as Marc Ecko Clothing & Puma International and has designed multiple vinyl toys based on his fathers characters for Kidrobot & Planet 6. He is also a well known graffiti & tattoo artist. Mark recently signed a deal with Universal pictures for the rights to "COBALT 60" to be produced as a live action movie, directed by Zack Snyder of " 300" and "Dawn of the Dead (the remake)" fame. Mark is currently working on another chapter in the Cobalt 60 story.


Attaboy is an artist and vinyl toy designer whose work is seen in galleries, museums, toy boutiques, magazines (Newsweek, Wired, Juxtapoz, Clutter, Playtimes, etc.), calendars, and art books across the world. After years of creating, recreating, and inventing award-winning and best selling toys for Hasbro and Milton Bradley, he went AWOL to create his own art and licensing studio. His art work has been licensed to Dark Horse, Last Gasp, Tower Records, Kiss, the Dixie Chicks, Sony, and many more.
Atta is the co-founder/publisher of the critically acclaimed Hi-Fructose Magazine which has grown to a world wide circulation, Hi-Fructose features interviews and exposes with a growing echelon of pop and visual counter culture artist. Too Many Robots, an animation created and directed by Atta premiered on the Disney Channel. He has designed toys such as the Super Action Nub Nub series, Arctic Shmee Qee, Welsh Rarebit Dunny & The Axtrx.


Take a trip through the fantasies of pop culture, cartoon & comic book land, twisting them into a subconscious horror-surrealism of lurking wizards, evil unicorns, horror films, Dungeons & Dragons and other wild and hallucinatory visions and you get the art of Skinner. A staple of Sacramento pop culture himself, you can catch a glimpse of his murals across town from coffee shop The Java Lounge to comic shop Big Brother's Comics. He recently launched a skateboard company, Blood Wizard; he also designs for other outfits that include Creature Skateboards, Toms Shoes, Tank Theory and Upper Playground.
He's been featured in such magazines as Juxtapoze and Hi-Fructose and has a short animation called Skinner's Hell Dream that is a visual assault to the senses.


Mike Hampton

Artist/writer of Hot Zombie Chicks, Captain A-Hole, & Zodiac Killers. Captain A-Hole, Mike's hip-hop/alternative alias, is currently selling his 3rd album titled "Zombie". Hampton is the subject of a new documentary "I Dream Of Being An Artist... And It Makes Me Sick", a film about a year in the life of a starving artist, due out soon. Mike will also have prints, statues & t-shirts for sale and is known to draw caricatures of attendees as zombies for commission!


Taking the West Coast by storm, graphic illustrator & painter Emonic has been making waves on the comic convention circuit and art gallery receptions with his high octane fueled live art shows. Emonic (aka Emo Gonzales) has been creating art since he was a child. As a youth he was heavily influenced by skateboarding, comic books, music, movies and graphic design. When working on projects he will often employ a mix of mediums ranging from traditional means (pencil, acrylic and marker) to digital manipulation. You can catch Emonic rockin the live art and hanging with fellow collaborator Chemix. Emonic will be available for commission work at the event and selling his newest art book titled Replicant.

Alex Chiu

Alex is currently wandering Southern California trying to make art as often and as much as possible. He believes that art has the power to speak to the heart, challenge the mind, and depict the soul. Alex's dream is to unite, inspire, and bring hope to people through his artwork. Alex manages to wander to Sacramento attempting to spread his love, friendship & art. He is co-founder of the mini zine Eyeball Burp! Alex's sketchbook "Chocolate Milk And Donut Doodles" is released through Neko Press. Alex will be performing live art at our show throughout the day, so be sure to stop by and purchase original art from him.

Ann Matsushima

Co-Founder of Eyeball Burp! Zine and keeper of Alex Chiu's heart. Ann's an artist who is also known to dabble in DIY Buttons, cards, puppet & stuffed animals.

Paul Allen

Artist & Co-Writer of the comic book "BrAiNs". Little is known about the mysterious Paul Allen. Some say he was kept away from sunlight as a child due to photosensitivity. Others thought something more dubious caused him to dwell in the night after a vacation to a small village in Eastern Europe 1987. An artistic side of him began to fester upon his arrival back to the States. Drawn to the darker side of things, Allen is working on his Horror/Comedy "Brains" comic book. It is believed that Paul has worked on the following comic book projects: The Nose Ninja, Dox Paradox, Slam Bang. This has not been confirmed nor denied. Paul will be available for commissions of disturbing images.

Dan Brereton

Brereton is one of a bare handful of painters left in the industry who still do comics full time. Just barely out of art school, Dan burst onto the scene in 1989 with the award winning BLACK TERROR miniseries and hasn't looked back since. For years now, he's produced an amazingly prolific body of work and has been nominated many times for several different industry and fan awards. His credits include The Nocturnals, The Gunwitch, ThrillKiller, JLA: Seven Caskets, Superman: Silver Banshee, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror, The Psycho, Clive Barker's Dread, Legends of the World's Finest, The Immortal Iron Fist, Vampirella Halloween Special, Thor: God Size, Beta Ray Bill: The Green of Eden and Giantkiller to name a few. His artwork has graced the comic covers of Creepy, Conan, Mars Attacks, Nightbreed, Hellraiser, From Dusk Till Dawn, Death Jr and Lobo. He's painted covers for various White Wolf RPG editions (including Werewolf: Dark Ages and Werewolf: Second Edition Player's Guide), Star Wars RPG illustrations for Wizards and has also appeared in horrorshow rocker, Rob Zombie's album HELLBILLY DELUXE and Zombie's follow-up album HELLBILLY DELUXE II.

Chartruz Lovelace

Creator of Cuddle Monster Toys. A series of cute hand made plush toys & dolls, baby/kids clothing and accessories. Each one is unique with variations in cloth color and positioning. Adorable monsters for all ages!

Ben Walker

Walker is an artist and illustrator in Sacramento, California. His tongue-in-cheek paintings of bears with guns, singing cowboys, flying machine operators, and other odd inhabitants of The Old West have lassoed the attention of art lovers in California and beyond. Walker is also the creator of an alternative life drawing studio called Pompsicle. Artists gather every week to draw from costumed models and "real life characters" like punks, roller-girls, and break dancers. Walker's art has graced the rock album covers for Kepi Ghoulie (Kepi: The Band) and Stars & Garters and also has his own book out called Portraits & Tales from Remington Ridge and Naked is Boring.

Josh Ellingson

Josh Ellingson lives and works as an illustrator in San Francisco, California. Josh has contributed artwork to popular publications and websites worldwide and worked with clients ranging from toy makers to tequila companies. Josh is influenced by popular culture, particularly television and movies, and he's always been a fan of comic books and vinyl toys (having worked with both). Being enamored with science and scientific advancements, astronomy has had a big impact on his work.

In addition to his illustration and design business, Josh Ellingson is the director for The Local 303, a studio/collective of illustrators and designers in San Francisco, California. The Local 303 provides a professional working environment as well as a space for collaboration, critique and art exhibition. Josh Ellingson also contributes editorial writing and reviews to Hi-Fructose, a contemporary art and culture magazine. He is also produces artwork for musicians "Kitten on the Keys".

Jesse Hernandez

Hernandez’s art combines traditional indigenous styles and themes with an urban street sensibility. His work utilizes bold line work, sharp colors, and dynamic imagery across many different mediums, most widely known for his custom painted vinyl toys, illustration, and canvas work. His style also draws upon his animation background. Hernandez currently works full time for The Filipino Channel as Art Director/Co-Creator of the cartoon series “The Nutshack” , and creates freelance artwork through his company, Immortal Studios. His artwork has been featured in many books and magazines such as Maxim, YRB, Giant Robot, Clutter, Playtimes, Dot Dot Dash, Great new Characters, Flux, and has participated in art shows all around the world. He currently has vinyl toys out with Kaching Brands, and Toyqube, and future releases with Kid Robot, Upper Deck, Minigods, and Super Rad Toys.

Andy Ristaino

Artist/Writer/Animator/Graphic Illustrator based out of San Francisco, CA. Best known for his work on two comic books series published through SLG, Life As A Fetus and The Babysitter. Both are collected into graphic novels. Andy also has a sketchbook collection titled Night of the Living Vidiots. He has artwork that's seen print in Meathaus SOS, The Maxx, Oz Squad, Coilhouse, Nickelodeon Magazine, Image's Popgun, Pet Noir and Hi-Fructose. As a zinester, he's released his own zine titled Skronked. Andy is also a musician in the band Shy Grape.

Jared Konopitski

Artist who has shown in galleries from Sacramento, Burbank, Indiana, New York to Equador and the UK. Jared has been included in several publications such as Exit Strategy 2, Ben Walkers Pompsicle: Naked is Boring, Curious Band of Artists and Attack Magazine. He is part of the Scary Art Collective and has done guest strips for Nic Caesar’s “Mosquito and Spider” comic strip. Curator of the Godzilla vs. Art gallery show as well as several art shows at Sacramento’s Vox Gallery and is on the board of Sacramento Art Connects. Jared's contributed to several murals around the Sacramento area & is featured at Psycho Donuts in Campbell CA.

Brandon Bracamonte

Local tattooist extrordinaire of Fallen Angel Tattoo, Brandon Bracamonte is breaking into the comic book industry with his debut comic "Hey Rube!" He will be selling his comic, prints & sketchbook at the show.


Writer of the comic book Hey Rube!, a story inspired by her true life experiences working for a traveling circus and all the craziness involved.

Stephen R Buell

Stephen began his comics career in 2004 when he self-published the end-of-days mini-series Video, which received much critical acclaim. Anxious to let his writing chops rest for his next project, Stephen illustrated the graphic novel Fragile Prophet, translating Jeff Davidson's moving script about a mentally-handicapped child coping with mysterious new powers. The GN was named Best Independent Comic of 2006 by Ain't It Cool News. He is currently working on the sci-fi thriller comic titled Alien Echo, A punk rock homage to "They Live" comic titledAmerican Juice and a comic about a virus that effects super-humans titled Elephant Cage. Nacho Tsunami, Stephen's funny webcomic, can be viewed at Stephen is often known to rally his fellow man to spread the word to "SHOOT YOUR TV READ COMICS". He is also the colorist for the horror/comedy comic BrAiNs.

Anthony Leano

BrAiNs is about the creepy little town of Creepsville and it's inhabitance. Where everything bizarre, wrong and abnormal are the norm. Where zombies rome the graveyards, monsters creep under your beds, serial killers stalk the streets and aliens invade your backyard. A town where the thing you fear the most may well be your local sheriff! Strap in your seatbelts and get ready. Descend into the madness of our BrAiNs! Anthony is the co-writer of BrAiNs and is a traveler from the land beyond. He has spent his life traveling across the west coast in search of gaining king geekdom status. He believes he has found "the secret of being cool" while still maintaining his geek cred. As most geeks know, some spend their entire lives in search of this enlightenment. Hailing from Vacaville California, he now resides in Sacramento California. Having really no talent whatsoever, he surrounds himself around artists, musicians, writers & other creative people to make him appear to be one of the elite of cool. What a poser.


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